A Dollop of Sour Cream

I'm not much into spicy food. I have recently discovered that if a meal is just a tad too spicy for me, I can put sour cream on top and make it not just palatable, but wonderful. This blog is devoted to doing the same for life.



Happy Anniversary to me!

Back from our anniversary night!

No pictures because I forgot my camera :(
But Boaz took me over to Vail for dinner last night, followed by a wonderful night at Fairmont Olympia 4 Seasons hotel.

We went to IHop for breakfast this morning (I had french toast! Boaz was feeling sorry for me that I didn't get french toast the morning of our wedding.), then over to the Locks, then got Ezell's and came home for lunch. (Ezell's was what we had for lunch together the first time we ever ate together.)

It's been two wonderful years now. Boaz is everything I would have never even thought to ask for, perfect for me. And infinitely worth waiting for.


Corned Beef -- fresh or frozen

Given events going on in a friend's life, and that I am supposed to be working on my final project this weekend, we are celebrating St. Patrick's day (AND our first hospitality in the new place) next weekend. So. Is corned beef something that needs to be fresh, or is frozen just as good? because it is on sale NOW.


More about Chris and Jenni

I'm just amazed at this couple.

The baby was born this MORNING. And we had updates during the process!
And they're already back online and posting pictures!

I'm sure I'll be out of commission for at LEAST 2 days!

Chris and Jenni

Their little girl is on her way!

(Well, actually, here now)

Click on the title to go read all about her!

What a great day for a birthday! It is a start to a whole new stage for her life.


Cinnamon Toast Update

Whoever suggested adding brown sugar to my cinnamon toast? You're right -- that's good. I decided I don't want to do it all the time because it's very difficult to "Shake" unto the bread evenly and lightly.

So I bought some Splenda and am using that for my other cinnamond toast.

I also got Oatnut bread on the recommendation of a friend and have been using that too for it's cholesterol benefits.



Ten days until Spring, and it's snowing here in the Pacific Northwest.

(Oh and earlier this week they shut down one of only two bridges that cross the lake and join two very populous areas. Just imagine the gridlock.


Christmas cards and pictures of me!

First, for anyone curious what we look like, here is my Boaz and myself

And here is all the Christmas cards we got for Christmas (Still up on that wall) I don't think mine are going out, again, this year.

My First Knitting project

(I'm still working on trying to learn purling. It got put on back burner to work on the final project for the class I am in.)

That pizza

I've got pictures now!

First, that pizza I made today using the recipe from The Common Room. Except we ended up using bought spaghetti sauce instead of making our own. It worked fine on the pizza stone (except for making a huge mess on the counter and maybe being too small) But we discovered that it was too much like bread as a crust. So I think I'll use a Jiffy pizza dough box next time. One thing I DID realize is that this is really fast to make. Not nearly as many reason to go to Pizza Hut as I thought! Even to have pizza regularly on Sundays!


Homemade Pizza for Sunday

Links for myself so I won't lose them.
(And to keep me accountable so I won't chicken out and do Pizza Hut anyway)
Common Room's crust recipe
Family Homestead's Sauce

Hubby wants mozzarella cheese. And I'm thinking we'll do Canadian bacon, sausage, and green pepper.

I wonder how this will work on my Pampered chef baking stone?