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The Umbrella Stroller

My Bilingual Boys is doing a Linky of Toys my Children Actually Play With and I thought this week I would not be able to participate. And then my husband said "Maybe we ought to do something about the light on in the van" -- so here I am, sitting in the auto repair shop while they work on our car. and I've got TIME!

This week's "toy" is an umbrella stroller. I have toy in quotation marks like that because it isn't really a toy. It's a full size, cheapie umbrella stroller that my mom got free with another purchase and brought to us to use when he was about 3 months old. We had a Graco Snuglider we liked using at the time, and picked up a Baby Jogger City Mini before he outgrew that. So we just kept this umbrella stroller for emergencies or if we might need a small stroller.

Now, with our latest move, it is sitting set up in the garage for going to "visit" the mailbox (which is not just outside our house, and is too far for our 2 year old to walk the entire way there and back). So when we are out there for other reasons, my son makes a beeline to the two "toys" in the garage. His Cozy Coupe Police Car (more about this another time) and this little stroller.

He has to reach up, over his head, to grab the handlebars, but this does not dissuade him. He turns it around, and stands at the door, waiting for me to raise the garage door and let him and his "ride" out. As soon as the door is open, he pushes it out. There's a pause as he negotiates the small step at the edge of the garage, and then he is off, quick little stepping the stroller down to the end of the street and, just about the time we're reminding him NOT to go into the street, swinging it around and Up the driveway it goes.

The great thing about this stroller is that he can also push it across the grass. so if he sees other kids playing next door, next thing I know Obed and his stroller are halfway across the yard, to join them.

1.It can also be used to hold Obed on trips.

2. We already had it

3. It folds down very small

1. It's still a mite too tall for him
2. If he put a toy into it, I'm afraid it would fall out. (but he hasn't tried to do this)

Anyway, it works for us. I have no fear he's going to break it. Though I guess anything is possible.


Blogger Adriana said...

So cute that he loves his stroller so much. We LOVE our umbrella stroller too. I put your extra entries in. Have a great Thanksgiving!

10:08 PM  

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