A Dollop of Sour Cream

I'm not much into spicy food. I have recently discovered that if a meal is just a tad too spicy for me, I can put sour cream on top and make it not just palatable, but wonderful. This blog is devoted to doing the same for life.



Tuesday I went to the doctor

Thank you SO much for the prayers, Tuesday I went to the doctor and after feeling and seeing my winces she decided I should not be feeling that much pain. So she sent me for an ultrasound.

They went ahead and did all the systems check on my baby! So I pretty much do not need to go back on Monday (Though evidently they could not find a few things so want me to go back in 4-5 weeks to see the rest) My baby is FINE. The only thing they found wrong with me is gallstones (I've had gallbladder attacks before. This did not FEEL like that... but the baby may be affecting that or maybe it just was not as bad? And it is true that it started shortly after I had eaten a lot of high-fat appetizers in a celebration...) Anyway, the pain went away mostly Wednesday morning and entirely by Thursday. The doctor wants me to let her know if the pain comes back so that she can have a surgeon monitor the situation.

The coolest thing though, is our baby now has a gender and a name!
Meet little Obed:


Should I have gone to the doctor?

I've had a very easy pregnancy so far. Haven't gained ANY weight (though I started out overweight, I have not been doing anything special to not gain) So I hate to complain, but this last weekend things have gotten difficult. Starting Friday night I started feeling "too full" -- in fact, at first I thought it was just that I'd eaten too much and my body was complaining at me. But I was sore much of the night and although I woke up okay Saturday, it went downhill fast. Sometimes standing up feels okay. Otherwise it is still sore, etc. Back and forth like. All day Sunday it was basically the same -- basically, I was only comfortable when in the movie theater, with my legs stretched out in front. Something about that position was good.

I have been having to go to the restroom a lot, then sitting and not much of anything comes out. and last night was uncomfortable again. I almost called the doctor today. Then figured this was bloating and gas. Or maybe that round ligament pain thing people talk about. It's my baby growing and the muscles doing things they are not used to because this is my 1st. So I decided not to but at the end of the day I went and looked up bloating, etc on the web and none of the descriptions read like what I have. So I no longer know again. But we've got our big ultrasound next Monday March 19 so I figure if anything is wrong they will find it then, right?

We are really eager to find out boy or girl and to announce our chosen name, etc and I'm starting to worry what happens if we lose the baby now. it's unusual at 19 weeks, but it isn't unknown. And well, I guess I just want prayers. That my baby won't suffer because I didn't go to the doctor when I should have. Or something.

And I'm taking Tylenol tonight. Because I fear that lack of sleep (I could not find a spot lying down last night that let me get more than a couple of hours sleep at a time. On my right hand side, my side hurt where it has been sore all along. On my left side, the skin was stretched so that it hurt. The best was on the back, with my right side elevated on a down pillow. But even that didn't work for more than about an hour at a time...) is also making things feel much worse than they are. I keep wondering how I'm going to get through the next half of this pregnancy if I alreay am taking Tylenol for the pain.


18 weeks 6 days

As my ticker says, it is 18 weeks, 6 days. And I have not felt my baby move yet! I know, the books say it is normal betwee 18 and 20 weeks. But I still feel like I should have felt something by now.

I keep just trying to focus on other things and keep worry away from the things I can do nothing about. We have our big ultrasound on March 19, just in time for our anniversary, and then we can see our baby moving about! Together! Instead of me experiencing it before my dear husband does. And I know that feeling the moving doesn't stop the things to worry about either. But it would still be comforting to feel.


Another reason to Homeschool

Not that I needed one.

But over at Schreiss Weekly she is talking about how elementary school teachers are now forcing students to share all of their school supplies. The parents go to the store and buy the stuff their children want (even left handed scissors for a left handed child, etc) and then you go to school and have to dump it in a communal supply cabinet, where no one cares how they treat the thing they get out, and so those carefully bought supplies are not used by the intended little one. Your left hander may even get stuck with right handed scissors. Or not having a pencil to use if they are not willing to push their way to the front, etc.