A Dollop of Sour Cream

I'm not much into spicy food. I have recently discovered that if a meal is just a tad too spicy for me, I can put sour cream on top and make it not just palatable, but wonderful. This blog is devoted to doing the same for life.



Texas! Texas! Texas!

Who was it who said good things come to those who wait?

Things are starting to come together on the job front. I'm starting to understand why my Boaz hasn't been able to find a better job all this time. And maybe even why God hasn't wanted us to have babies yet. I'm feeling excited and bouncy and everything. Mr. Boaz is still looking into requirements, etc. and we aren't sure exactly where we will be when. But he's pretty firmly, clearly, and excitedly on the path to being a teacher in Texas!

The worst part of course is that I do have friends here I'll miss. But I really want to be near my sister, my niece, and my nephews as they grow up. If we can't have kids, that would certainly make it easier. And if we can, I want our kids to grow up together. and I love my sister and I want to get back to texas.

Two months before I met my now-Boaz, after a birthday trip back to see them, I started things rolling toward moving back to Texas. Of course, then I met Boaz and all plans changed. But here it is, 4 years later, and it might actually happen. and I'm just floating at the prospect at the moment!


History is about individuals

Look at the Bible and how much depended on one person. Abraham (and maybe Terah? If Terah received the command to move first. But that is speculation). Jacob. Joseph. Moses. Joshua. Achan. And so forth

and then I am reading a book called _What if?_ by Stephen Ambrose that is a compilation of what several military historians think might have happened during World War I. Either to make it a shorter war, or not a World War at all. Or even things that might have happened during it to prevent World War II (in some cases with Germany winning, in others with Germany not going to war at all). What if Churchill had died in that taxi-pedestrian accident in America? My husband's dad lost his father that way just a few decades later (after surviving parachuting out of a plane and landing in German territory, being caught, then escaping and being recaptured from the concentration camps twice). We certainly thought one person could change history when we sent 18 suicide planes out to kill Yamamoto.

But there were other events, when a single British commander threatened to take his troops out of supporting France at a critical time. Some calls from various individuals bleeding off German troops that were supposed to attack France. The individual soldier behind a gun who missed when a German soldier called Adolf Hitler, hitting just a thigh instead of something more pressing.

So every event we individuals are part of can literally change history (though it is of course most likely that most won't)

OTOH, History is all about God. It is about God putting people where he wants them to be in the events he wants them to be part of in order to prepare them for a purpose he has. So in a long term sense, nothing we do is out of God's Plan, even though there are many appearances that one person could have changed history.


Big Families are in again

Family Scholars Blog

Used to be everyone thought 2 children was "perfect" for a family. But it seems an awful lot of my blogs I read, people I talk to, etc are larger. I always thought it was because of the crowds I hung out with. However, it may be more than that.


I'm not a good blogger

For those watching, the test was a negative. Before I had a chance to test again, the window of opportunity closed.

Life here is pretty boring. Reading for my Tuesday _Introduction to Counseling_ class continues apace -- though I read something pretty disturbing today. Has anyone else read _Connecting_ by Larry Crabb? I'm not sure why this concept has shooken me so much. I have decided that counseling is not my thing.

Then there is the Thursday _Old Testament Survey_ class... which started out very exciting but has gone downhill some since. It's a 10-week class, so why have we had 3 class periods and we have not even gotten to the Flood yet? (For next week, reading-wise, we're supposed to be at the end of Genesis. But that still feels too heavy focused on the first book for what is supposed to be a survey of the entire testament! But OTOH class isn't over yet. It may yet prove to all make sense in the end.)

Or maybe I'm just in a negative frame of mind overall.