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Chelona Mini Puzzle Plane

Sorry, I don't have a picture yet of my son playing with this (it's stuck on the camera). I bought this adorable wood puzzle used for our trip to Florida last September, but it ended up not coming out at all. When it was clear he'd outgrown the peg puzzles, he brought it out at home. We brought it out too late -- he mastered it in only one evening. However, he STILL loved it and I wish I could get more at $4 or $5 each :( Because every time we bring it out, he just sits there and does the puzzle over and over again. You HAVE to get all 4 pieces in the right place, the cuts are such that they don't fit anywhere else.

And the pictures help guide where they fit as well.

But the pieces slot together very well, working every time. And they are a good size for a 2 year old's hands.

CONS: this was used when I bought it, but the wood "tray" part is starting to come off after less than a month of using it. OTOH, it is wood. We are planning to put wood glue on. In any case, until this is fixed, this puzzle is a "monitored play" puzzle only.

Tell me your story: My parents got Geotrax at garage sale prices (cheaper actually) for my son and are bringing them. No people. Few buildings. I'd love to hear the stories of how this fares in other houses!


Blogger Adriana said...

I have never heard of this puzzle. I will be sure to check it out. Thanks for linking up this week! :)

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