A Dollop of Sour Cream

I'm not much into spicy food. I have recently discovered that if a meal is just a tad too spicy for me, I can put sour cream on top and make it not just palatable, but wonderful. This blog is devoted to doing the same for life.



I guess this is pregnancy hormones?

For the most part, I do not seem to be suffering from the dreaded pregnancy hormones.

I still need to get a picture of me and my belly -- I was at a end of tax season party for my husband last night and even though I am 6 months along, people were saying that it was hard to tell I am pregnant. (I've "chunked up" and I can FEEL the hardness of my stomach. But evidently people around here don't reach out and touch your stomach and with the loose clothes I wear it just is not obvious that I am pregnant. And after all, I was fat before I got pregnant so even that is not a good clue! I think dear Boaz is somewhat disappointed. He's looking forward to seeing a baby belly!)

I'm mostly dealing with fears. The Pregnancy Week by Week book says if my baby was born now, it would have a chance of surviving... But it still isn't ideal, know? So last night, when we were coming back from said party, I had vivid "day" nightmares of the car crashing and going into labor, and my poor baby in NICU and struggling for life... As I looked around us, it seemed ALL the cars were swerving into our lane right in front of us, and we were taking all the curves wide and running over curbs and into sidewalls of tunels and... Well, I just had to grip the car side door hard and clamp my mouth shut to say nothing (or as little as possible) to my husband because I was pretty sure it was my imagination NOT his driving causing my terrors! So I guess maybe this is pregnancy hormones finally showing themselves?

Talk about taking verses out of context

Revelation 7:3 Mary Engelbreit picture

I know that this is just Mary Engelbreit. And she is supposed to be all about pretty pictures, etc. But knowing the context of this particular verse just takes my breath away. After all, she's put it in the calendar as a "command" that seems to be directed toward all of humanity. But the phrase before it indicates that it is a command to those who -are- to hurt the earth and the sea and this is just a delaying phrase until the servants of God have been sealed. The whole point of the context is God's protection of his chosen people, not his concern for the soil and waters of the earth.

(Though in other places in the Bible He does make it clear that he expects us to care for everything he has put into our dominion, including the earth itself.)


Is this pregnancy real?

Okay i've had two ultrasounds and seen my baby moving on the screen (I need to get the second online. Got a better picture. Our baby has Great personality on screen!) I can feel kicks and movements inside (esp this weird occasional flutter that simultaneously hits my belly button and more nether regions.). EVERY time I go to the doctor I hear a heartbeat, a heartbeat quite distinct from my own, even. But I still have a persistent feelng now that any moment now I'm going to wake up and discover that postive pregnancy test I had back in November was a fake, just a figment of my imagination and everything since then has been some sort of psychosomatic illness on my part, my head creating the symptoms and making my body perform them or something.

I'm still fairly enjoying being pregnant. Though I'm starting to see where it might cause problems with sleeping -- I've got options available if lying down becomes too uncomfortable because my parents got us a nice glider for reclining in that I think I'll be able to sleep in. On May 15th we've got a car seat class and our pregnancy classes start at the end of next month, which I'm really looking forward to learning what to expect. I've got great expectations for these.

And! I just found out dear Boaz's parents are going to try to come down for the baby's birth (or shortly thereafter) and as much as the idea of them being there made me nervous earlier it is just really exciting now to think that they'll be here! Even my FIL!


Sweet Spot of Pregnancy

I LOVE being pregnant. My body in so many ways seems to be working better pregnant than it ever did before. I worry some, sure (though I am trying not to) but the baby is moving, and THAT is exciting. And I am feeling well, and not gaining weight (though usually it seems I just have to look at food to gain!). and I'm not even showing much, though I've moved over to maternity clothes because my regular clothes are gradually not fitting quite right.

And yesterday/today the temperature turned NICE so walking outside is pleasant!

Part of me can hardly wait to see what this little boy is going to be about (although I am still frightened of the birth experience itself. That still seems a long way off and not something to be worried about yet and beside we are going through classes between now and then so we'll be old pros at it!) and the rest of me likes him just where he is now because I enjoy my job and my coworkers and him being born means I won't be going back to my job again, other than to show him off. (We are moving very shortly after he is born so it just does not fit into the plans at all.)

And I'm just really enjoying being pregnant. I need to get new pictures for this stage.