A Dollop of Sour Cream

I'm not much into spicy food. I have recently discovered that if a meal is just a tad too spicy for me, I can put sour cream on top and make it not just palatable, but wonderful. This blog is devoted to doing the same for life.



Angry at my doctor's office

At least.. I think it's at the doctor's office. I've been angry since my appointment today and I can't quite figure what I'm angry at but it is making me really uncomfortable.

I see two different midwives, alternating appointments (or so). Last appointment, the midwife was very concerned about a 4 lb increase (out of just 18 over the entire pregnancy) in my weight combined with a 4 cm fundal height increase. She said if I had another growth spurt like that she'd send me for an ultrasound. Then this appointment, I have a *8* lb increase! and the midwife is just shrugging and not caring!

(and I still don't understand where that increase came from! I weighed 226 pounds at the office scales. at home, in all my clothes? Only 220.5. This morning, naked and empty, I was just 216! Consistently, I've measured higher on the scales at the doctor's office than at home. But they use my "weight at home" as their "beginning of the pregnancy" weight because they asked me what I started at and wrote that down as the beginning of pregnancy weight!)

And I just-- don't know if I should be worried or not anymore. I mean, I've been expecting a large baby because that is my family history but last week I was led to believe this was more concerning than just a large baby and today, it was like she didn't care or something. No biggie.


Boaz here

Not too much to say at the moment. Just getting things set up for the impending increase of our family. After all, the hospital birthing center is completely wi-fi. We may not live-blog the birth, but there should be several entries, even if My Ruth isn't quite up to things.


I love being pregnant

I am so blessed. I really feel like my body was designed to be pregnant, I've had so few problems. I could do this again easy :)

(Yes, I know, easy to say before I go through labor)


Belly Pics and Registry stuff

Here is my picture today (32 weeks even) -- My swimsuit no longer works so I had to improvise a bit.

With staying in town until December (at least and maybe longer), we decided we will need the crib up here, not just in Texas. So we went and looked at cribs this weekend... and fell in love.

Babi Italia Pinehurst Espresso dropside crib. Unfortunately, as you can see, it is just available at Babies R us -- and even there, not online. Just in the store.

(Oh and the reviews for the brand are good in Baby Bargains. Plus the reviews I've been able to find online for the Pinehurst are good. It has a very good firm feel. the side drops easily. The color is close to our heirloom furniture. all very nice.

The other crib in the store we saw that I liked was $100 cheaper:
Jardine Enterprises Cherry Berkley Crib -- but the brand there does not get NEAR as good a rating, in Baby Bargains or online. and the crib itself both does not feel as sturdy as the Pinehurst and the hardware is showing -- I've got a better feel that the first crib will last through all the children we want than the Jardine Enterprises one (Unfortunately, I do not have any idea how hard/easy each is to take apart and put togther again)


A long time coming

Sorry it's been so long. Life has progressed. Baby boy has not made his appearance yet. But things are starting to happen. Movement is getting active! It's actually rather fun, and I can see my stomach moving sometimes. And I've been getting Braxton Hicks (once more than 4x in a hour though by the time I was in a place to call my doctor, they had died down to nothing so I didn't...) We're taking childbirth classes with the hospital, though I have not done enough practicing. Still need to find relaxing music... I want to take hymns. But not sure if that is going to be relaxing at the time or not...

Sunday our parenting classes start.

I have a Saturday class I kind of want to take. But it ends July 23rd and my due date is August 5th.

The BIG news is that we are not moving to Texas yet. We will be here for some time yet. My husband's class got cancelled :( This will give us time to settle in to being new parents before we have to learn a new city, etc. AND we have more friends, etc up here.