A Dollop of Sour Cream

I'm not much into spicy food. I have recently discovered that if a meal is just a tad too spicy for me, I can put sour cream on top and make it not just palatable, but wonderful. This blog is devoted to doing the same for life.



Old-fashioned washing?

Now that I am pregnant, my wardrobe has become more limited. Which means certain parts of it (undergarments, so far) need to be washed more often. But I'd rather not do an entire load just for these things. (and the occasional handkerchief. My nose is also in overdrive!)

Even if I dry them in the bathroom, it still costs $1.25 to run the washer!

So. any idea how I can do these in the sink? after all, our grandmothers (great-grandmothers?) used to wash in the creek, right?

PS and can this method work for diapers after baby makes 3?

In the in-flight magazine today, I saw something like this Cyclone Washing machine -- would this do the job on home washing needs like this?

Looking around the Internet...
Amazon.com Wonder Washer
Wonder Wash Laundry Alternative


La Shawn Barber commented me!

*squee* :)

I don't even know what brought her over to my little neck of the woods, but I got a comment from THE La Shawn Barber!

I feel like such a fanboy.


Sour Cream Ice Cream!

Isn't it lovely?

Boaz and I went to Shucker's Restaurant on a gift certificate to celebrate his getting the office lead position at H&R Block and our pregnancy. After much musing over what would be good and okay to eat, I had scallops. He had salmon. Quite good food (though not for what we would have paid without the gift certificate) But our server was VERY nice.

and then it was time for dessert. The only thing appetizing to me on the menu was Sour cream icecream with a blackberry muffin of some sort. The ice cream was made IN the restaurant itself! I was not fond of the muffins, the berries inside (black? blue?) were tasteless. But the ice cream was wonderful, just the right flavor and not near as icky as "sour cream" makes it sound. But then my husband said I must get a picture because of my blog title. I had not even thought of that. So here it is.


Response to Like merchant Ships

For some reason, Blogger will let me log in to my own blog, but not to put comments on Like Merchant ships, so I am answering this post here:
One of my fondest Christmas memories, growing up, is that we would take our toys out to the front every year on Christmas eve. we'd assign parts to specific dolls, etc. and my dad would read the Christmas story (the ENTIRE Christmas story. Starting with elizabeth and all the way through the old man who said he could die now he'd seen his Savior and the old widow who'd lived with a husband seven years since her virginity. Or something like that. Then the wise men coming to see the young CHILD and the fleeing into egypt.)

and the fact that every year the story acting out was a bit different depending on what toys we were playing with that year.

I'd like to do Jesse Tree with my kids. But somehow, get that same idea into it. Instead of having a set group of items for it, have the children participate in finding the right "thing" each day for that day's subject.


I'm pregnant, he's sick

Please pray for my Boaz. He's been up and down all night, not able to keep anything down (even sips). He's going to the doctor today in hopes that they can figure out what is wrong.

This is not the first time he's been sick since we found out I was pregnant. (though the last time was more exhaustion than this) Since I haven't had any symptoms to speak of, it is very interesting that it seems like he is having many of them. (Though even for pregnancy, dehydration would be a huge problem. I really hope he isn't contagious!)


Learning to be thankful

One problem with discovering your pregnant so early, is that you then wonder if you've lost it every day that you don't have any symptoms.

I mean, I know if I was miserable I'd be wanting them to go away. But since I have none, now I want them! that's crazy. Maybe my pregnancy hormone problems are going to involve worrying that I've lost the baby. But that's bad enough. I keep trying to work on the worry problem. I don't need another reason to worry!

To Drink or not to Drink?

So -- I dropped caffeine from my diet with pregnantcy (well, caffeine in soft drinks. I drank some caffeinate and some decaffeinated, but it is hard to get the Diet Caffeine Free drinks and easier for me to drop altogether than limit to just when I can get that -- and the sweetener in the Diet may be a problem anyway). And I upped my consumption of milk and water instead. Except -- I sweeten my water. Every 20 ounces of water contains 2 packages of Splenda. So I decided to go out on the web and see if Splenda is safe. Boy, you can learn ANYTHING on the web. And when it comes to something like this, an awful lot of them seem to have agendas behind them as well.

"Eat natural only. Stevia is natural so that's the only sweetener you should use" and such. Even people claiming that what the FDA approves/doesn't approve has to do if the company that makes it is American or not! It starts sounding very paranoid. But it also makes you wonder who you CAN believe.

I found the American Pregnancy Association site that has a good overview of sweeteners that does not seem to be hysterical... They do refer to the FDA. But some would have me discount that. However I'd never heard of the American Pregnancy Association before so I am left wondering if this is legitimate or not.

Artificial Sweeteners During Pregnancy says that Splenda is fine. So for now I will continue drinking my water.


God's Timing

So... three weeks ago I was here complaining about how much I was going to miss where we are when we move. Finding a new church, having a baby away from all my friends and family...

and two week ago I was complaining about a pain that migrated a bit and just would not go away. (And then it did, finally, after seeing the doctor and taking medicine -- but she wanted me to get X-rays and when I went to get them they asked me if I was pregnant, and emphasized it was high risk so even though I had thought I wouldn't mind taking a small risk, I chickened out and didn't do it)

And Thanksgiving I took a pregnancy test, hoping to have good news to tell everyone. Negative. Last Sunday, my husband wanted me to test again. I did. Negative. However... I was already past when I usually got my period (and even the program I was charting in, fertilityfriend, said I should get it by Monday.) So on Monday on the way home I bought another brand of tests. But then chickened out on testing.

Tuesday evening I tested. After waiting the requisite 5 minutes, I strolled over to look… and saw a cross in the appropriate window. I screamed for my husband to come look. And he did. And then he hugged me and we grinned and babbled some. :)

At first we were going to wait some time to tell people, but I warned him I couldn't keep the secret for more than about 2 weeks. and my mom called with other information and about the time we hung up my husband changed his mind and we started calling all the family, letting everyone know.

And we did the calculations for when this baby is due -- August 4/5... BEFORE we move to Texas. At which point I feel God's timing, God's blessing, God's arms around me very specially. We are going to Texas. But he still loves and takes care of me, and wants to take care of even my in particular worries about the move. So he has given us a child that will come while I am here, surrounded by friends who love me and care me -- my support system. And my parents and my sister are on board already for helping us move with an infant.

And I am just so ecstatically happy and honored to be given such a special touch of God's blessing and care for me at this time. Yes, I'm scared of what is going to happen 9 months from now. I don't even have a doctor right now! But I also know it will all be worked out somehow.


Change is a part of life

I have changed my blog header. I've been hinting about this already in a few places and all the family, etc know so I might as well say it here. I wanted to write more but I'm exhausted already.