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Angry at my doctor's office

At least.. I think it's at the doctor's office. I've been angry since my appointment today and I can't quite figure what I'm angry at but it is making me really uncomfortable.

I see two different midwives, alternating appointments (or so). Last appointment, the midwife was very concerned about a 4 lb increase (out of just 18 over the entire pregnancy) in my weight combined with a 4 cm fundal height increase. She said if I had another growth spurt like that she'd send me for an ultrasound. Then this appointment, I have a *8* lb increase! and the midwife is just shrugging and not caring!

(and I still don't understand where that increase came from! I weighed 226 pounds at the office scales. at home, in all my clothes? Only 220.5. This morning, naked and empty, I was just 216! Consistently, I've measured higher on the scales at the doctor's office than at home. But they use my "weight at home" as their "beginning of the pregnancy" weight because they asked me what I started at and wrote that down as the beginning of pregnancy weight!)

And I just-- don't know if I should be worried or not anymore. I mean, I've been expecting a large baby because that is my family history but last week I was led to believe this was more concerning than just a large baby and today, it was like she didn't care or something. No biggie.


Blogger Charity Grace said...

Maybe you should call her and express your confusion/concern. It's not worth feeling worried over.

6:35 PM  

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