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Texas! Texas! Texas!

Who was it who said good things come to those who wait?

Things are starting to come together on the job front. I'm starting to understand why my Boaz hasn't been able to find a better job all this time. And maybe even why God hasn't wanted us to have babies yet. I'm feeling excited and bouncy and everything. Mr. Boaz is still looking into requirements, etc. and we aren't sure exactly where we will be when. But he's pretty firmly, clearly, and excitedly on the path to being a teacher in Texas!

The worst part of course is that I do have friends here I'll miss. But I really want to be near my sister, my niece, and my nephews as they grow up. If we can't have kids, that would certainly make it easier. And if we can, I want our kids to grow up together. and I love my sister and I want to get back to texas.

Two months before I met my now-Boaz, after a birthday trip back to see them, I started things rolling toward moving back to Texas. Of course, then I met Boaz and all plans changed. But here it is, 4 years later, and it might actually happen. and I'm just floating at the prospect at the moment!


Anonymous blestwithsons said...

Where in Texas?

10:20 PM  
Blogger My Boaz's Ruth said...

No idea. That's something we will have to figure out. I'm just flying high now at the possibility of being able to go back there.

8:43 PM  

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