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The end of Christology

We ended the section of the class on Christology today. By next week, I need to come up with a doctrinal statement on Christology that includes: Incarnation, Virgin Birth, Life & Ministry, Death, Burial, Resurrection & Ascension, and Current Ministries (Hey! I don't have to include the peccability question at all!) including supporting with scripture and two examples, one negative and one positive, from the world of the arts.

One of the things that we discussed today was a film clip about who is Jesus to you.

And it made me start thinking -- not in all that religious language I know so well or anything. But deep down inside, who is Jesus to me? I don't know that I have an answer to that. Being in church, studying, etc. I know the right words to say so it is very hard to know if I'm repeating what I have heard or reading my own heart.

The other thing discussed today though, was all the people that have gotten it wrong. And there is very much a part of me that almost rejoices at the ones that are dead in a "They are believers now, two seconds after they die" -- and I don't like the part of me that wants to join into that. I want to mourn their deaths, because they are souls lost forever. I want to look at people and see them as souls and beyond their facades. To see them as souls that need Jesus and to be sensitive to this even beyond "winning" and "losing" political or other games.


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