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When is a price increase not a price increase?

Evidently, according to this, when the amount paid out of pocket doesn't change.
From Organizedhome.com:

"Just got my new checks. It was a refill order and looked too small imagine my surprise when I found this message:

Dear Customer,
In an effort to serve you better we continually evaluate our products and pricing. Our pricing has not changed within the last ten years. So that we may continue to offer our valued customers a quality product for no additional charge, we have opted to reduce our check package quantity from 200 to 150 checks. This reduction will enable us to become more efficent as well as absorb the inflation of a price increase to you.

We appreciate you continued patronage.

"Check company name" "

I have to wonder if the company sincerely believes they are saving their customers money this way, or trying to speak double-speak just to MAKE the customers think they have been saved money when the company knows that is not what is going on? The problem is, it's not double-speaked enough to actually given the impression they want.

which makes me worry that this written by folk who truly believe this is the way to save their customers money!


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How bizarre!

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