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Frightening dream

I dreamed I had two children -- a very young girl. (who would have to be at least 10 months old right? Since I had another) And an infant boy. (Maybe a week old?) My mother and my sister were there (presumably to help me with the infant)

I had no diapers in the house, no diaper bag, no maternity bra, NOTHING for babies at all. I didn't remember ever changing a diaper on my own children, and suddenly I was getting concerned about this. We had other plans, how could i get them to "just quickly stop at the grocery store" for some diapers, and get everything I needed without my relatives knowing that I hadn't had them all this time. I was furtively trying to start breastfeed the oldest, realizing it would take time for my milk to come in -- so I fed her Slimfast! She seemed happy and healthy... but I had NEVER changed her diaper! Or anything.

I was just asking my sister, casual-like, if she had any diapers with her when I woke up so I don't know what end up happening.

But I just shuddered in bed because it felt so real, and I couldn't help but wonder what had happened that I had the older child yet wasn't even ready... She looked healthy. And still...

ETA: And what was the thing I was thinking of as I drifted off to sleep to prompt such a scary dream? I was pondering peccability versus impeccability, struggling to figure out which I believed, and how to make the decision. and what I should say here about it.


Blogger MamaK said...

If the Lord will allow me, when I am in heaven I would like to know the nature and reasons behind our dreams...and why we can't control them. I despise bad dreams...and strangely enough, when I wake up from a bad dream, I know to pray for my kids and husband, because 90% of the time, they're having bad dreams as well...


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