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End of semester!

Yay! Today was the last day of class, so my final project there is DONE and I have less pressure on me.

*looks around*
Except, I guess, that it is now time for us to empty boxes and get the house ready?

I still want to do Christmas cards and Christmas cookies... but I don't know when I'll find the time for them.

Work this week has been HECTIC. I was at work until 8p on Monday (and just missed the bus, thus making an hour wait out in the cold until the next bus came!) Then got sick as I came home from work on Tuesday and basically went right to bed, sleeping the night through. I WANTED to stay home from work Wednesday -- but big project due on Wed, that only I could do because only I have the training and experience on the special software, and of course I didn't get everything I needed so I could get it done ahead of time. Just doesn't seem to be the way things work. So I went to work anyway, and was graciously allowed to go home early, wherein I finished my end of term project due today and got to bed at the VERY early hour of 7!

And tonight was the last day of class.

And now I go off and see what all Gordon Fee has written because I've been liking what I've read of him in this class.


Blogger Meredith said...

Whew! Hope you feel better and enjoy a relaxing break during Christmas :)

8:14 AM  

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