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Sanhedrin rebuilding the temple?

At our bible study last night, a fellow came into the store with his three sons who is friends of the proprietor's (as it turns out). And it was VERY encouraging, because he was a Christian and participated in our study -- a little. (And he REALLY knew his Bible. We were reading a passage and he recognized it, not just book but chapter too.) And he invited us to come to his church -- they go out two by two soul-winning into the streets of Seattle. Just like I remember when I was younger, in a different state. (not invited as in trying to get us to leave our church. But to come soul-seeking with them.)

He also let us know that the Sanhedrin are all ready to rebuild the temple. He gave us a website about it that I don't have with me at the moment. But I found an article on WorldNetDaily. Revived Sanhedrin discusses Temple

Although, there is one thing in that article: "These religious authorities believe it was necessary to re-establish the Sanhedrin because only this properly ordained body of sages can authenticate a Messiah when he comes." -- Huh? Surely this is a man-made law, not in the Bible. (not even the Pentateuch) Because the Messiah is who He Is, even if NO ONE on Earth had recognized him while on Earth. Despite our propensity for trying to put God into a box, that's just messing up the proper relationship.

Though-- there was some interesting stuff in our bible study last night about that. About how Satan likes to tangle the wires that are proper.

And this comment: "Anything you have to manipulate to get is rarely yours to keep."


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