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Plans turned Topsy Turvy

LOTS of news from the doctor's appointment.

They had a machine set up to get the baby's heartbeat when I got there. It took a LONG time to get the baby to move enough to get them happy

Turns out baby is measuring over 4500 grams. What is more concerning to them than that is that the abdomen is measuring bigger around than the head. And the fluid is at only about 8.5

She offered us choice between induction and C-section. We chose induction with extensive monitoring -- realizing there is a good chance this will end up in a C-section. She wanted to start a gel tomorrow morning, another on Friday at noon, and then induce on Monday.

But when she could not get an induction date scheduled before Wednesday -- well, we're getting induced tomorrow at 2pm! We are still doing the gel tomorrow morning. My cervix is "soft" but still a 1. She could feel the baby's head, but the cervix is still long.


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