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Pain go away?

Yeah, I know. I'm not the best blogger. At least this last week I had an excuse. I came home from class last Thursday to my network being down. In the midst of getting it fixed, I got a backache. No injury, nothing spectacular happen at all that would explain. Between one step and the next I realize I have a back ache. That's weird. Friday morning, I woke up early (and my temp was down, could this be implantation pain? OTOH, it was early.) The pain was there still in the lower back, but it was manageable.

Saturday morning, it was very much reduced... But we made turkey on Saturday and I insisted on checking the temperature, and somehow in the process of pulling the turkey out just far enough, I twisted the wrong way and aggravated it such that I couldn't even reach to the bottom of the dishwasher! My very faithful husband was quite willing to help me and absolutely forbid me to do anything else to aggravate the joint. Although I had gone shopping in the morning, that evening it was so bad there was no way I could go out at all.

Sunday, other than going to church to see a friend's daughter baptized, I stayed at home, in bed as much as possible, doing as little as possible. Hoping to help it get better.

Monday morning, it still hurt, so I went to the doctor. She diagnosed probably inflammation of the SI joint, prescribed a hot pad (my husband had mentioned this but I could not find where we put ours after the move), and physical therapy, and naproxen (for the pain). She also suggested I go get a X-ray, but when I went down there they suggested I wait because this is a high-risk scan. So I did.

I bought a new hot pad -- it's worked wonders. Should have let Mr. Boaz go out and buy it before. Took the naproxen. And tonight! I don't hurt at all. There's stiffness there, and the promise of pain if I push it. But turns out naproxen isn't just a pain reliever. It's also an anti-inflammatory!

So for the moment I am completely pain-free, praise the Lord! Hopefully this will keep up so I can go to the Thanksgiving service at church tomorrow night!


Blogger Sprittibee said...

I pulled my neck out and was down for nearly three weeks this January. I feel your pain! I bought this wonderful ice pack thing that is long and has velcro on it... it wraps around your area of pain. I also used lots of the icy hot stuff, patches, pain killers, etc. I didn't think I would ever get well. Funny how as you get older, you can hurt yourself without even knowing you did it! That's the way it was for me. I was so glad to be well. I think it was the kids anointing me with oil and praying for me that finally did the trick! :) That and a lot of prayers! It sure was a humbling experience for this busy mom.

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