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Tulip Festival Weekends

For various reasons, although I dearly wanted to go, we had to miss the Chris and Jenni Tulip Brunch this year.

However, happily, Quiet Life reminded me of the Tulip Festival and I told my husband I wanted to go see it and he said "Sure" -- and kept up Sure even when I started having cold feet about traveling that far!

So we went on Sunday.

That last one was me.

It was cloudy, but not raining. So we decided a good day for being outside and went anyway. It was very interesting -- all of the tulip fields were stripped (I should have expected this, it being the end of the season and all) BUT! You could tell where they were. And the fields were cheek-by-jowl with residential houses not much different than the one I grew up in! We went to Tulip Town, which had a field left for viewing purposes and it started to rain as we got there.

Luckily, I keep umbrellas in my car (and it was just sprinkling) so we walked out there. And of course we went all through the touristy inside display, along with Tulips labeled by their proper names. Short -- but a fun time was had by all.

Then it was time to eat. Next to the Tulip Festival museum we had seen this brewery restaurant, and it had scrumptious bar b que smells coming out of it, so we went back to the Skagit River Brewery for lunch. And it was both affordable AND delicious. I ordered a half order of ribs with their salad. Both were delicious (and there were SO many ribs! I don't know how they expect one person to eat all that!) And the lemonade tasted perfect -- just like Chick-Fil-A lemonade that I make it a point to drink whenever I'm back east. I SO wish we were closer so we could eat there more often, but I urge my friends in the area to try it out! (To be fair, my husband did not like his briskit sandwich, but he thought the storganoff soup was yummy too)


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Mmmm...now you've got me craving BBQ'ed ribs. Sounds like a beautiful trip!

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