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Tipping for Christians

I don't remember where I saw the link.

But I saw an article today that really has changed how I will act in tipping (And I am trying to change my heart as I see my attitude here needs to change as well). Tipping as a Christian witness. It doesn't matter what my political ideas are as regards tipping at restaurants, I need to treat tipping as another part of my witness.

1. I did not earn my salvation, which is much more valuable than any money I might leave behind. So my tipping should not be based on service. But a measure of grace to the server reflective (in spirit) of the grace I have received.

2. The amount of my tip will make the human on the other end feel something. I need to make sure that my tip does not mar the name of Christ, or cause them to want to reject Christ because "Boy those Christians sure are stingy"

3. Even if I never say a word about Christ to the waiter, they will likely be able to guess I am Christian by the way we pray before our meals and by snippets of conversation that might be overheard. So my actions will reflect on Him. And if I can't afford to reflect Christ well to the waitress, it is better that I don't eat at the type of restaurant where tipping is expected.


Blogger Alicat said...

hi there! I saw your comment on my site about the butternut squash soup recipe. Actually, that soup was store bought. :D it was one of those campbells select soups that are overpriced as heck. hehe. :) I thought it was pretty good, my mom thought it was really good. If that helps you at all. ;)

11:12 AM  
Blogger Dana said...

And to anyone who leaves those little "tip" tracts...if you leave those things, you should accompany it with a larger than normal tip. A LOT of those people leave it as their tip, presumably thinking they are leaving something worth far more than 20% or whatever the tip should be these days. But waitresses don't see it that way.

Just my personal pet peeve. Not that I'm a waitress, but I've heard them talk. And they don't have nice things to say about those cards.

8:03 PM  
Blogger My Boaz's Ruth said...

I'm sorry. I have never seen the tract you refer to.

OTOH, I don't think anymore that tracts are the answer. They suited a time and place. But I don't see them read the way they used to be at all.

I really believe these days, relationship is key. Relationship, transparency, honesty.

8:44 PM  

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