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Carrot Sticks

When I started my diet (did I mention I'd lost 3.5 pounds the first week?), I bought baby carrots to take to work for one of my consistent vegetables. They were slimy though. Since I am using Hillbilly Housewife's budget diet plan, I asked her about why this was and got the recommendation to eat carrot sticks instead. (though baby carrots can be rinsed off) Because they get slimy after their outer, protective "skin" is removed.

So I went looking for a recipe for carrot sticks. Lots of recipes USE carrot sticks. But none tell you how to make them! Though the pictures show beautiful square cross-section sticks. I decided to try cutting myself, and the best I can do is round triangular sticks...

How does one make the SQUARE sticks? I've never cut carrots before except for in rounds for recipes and this is driving me nuts!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Came here from LikeMerchantShips...I have seen pro chefs (Emeril, Rachael Ray) on TV make square sticks. You cut away the round edges until you have a rectangular block. (Either toss the scrap or save for something else, soup, etc.) Then you slice the block in half, half again, and then those halves into halves until you get sticks.


10:50 AM  
Blogger My Boaz's Ruth said...

Hrm... thanks.But if they do it by wasting part of the carrot... Maybe I'll learn to live with triangular sticks :)

12:21 PM  

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