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"Close miss"

Katrina came on land as a category 4, not 5, and at the last minute inched a bit eastwards and barely missed a direct hit on New Orleans. But it sounds like this just moved the bulk of the damage to Mississippi, (And maybe Alabama?) This occurred to me last night as I was praying, that even if there was a miss it would just mean someone else would get hit instead. But I just have to trust that God knows what he is doing.

And even in New Orleans, it is bad enough. They're talking about electricity being out for a MONTH. I wonder if children have gone back to school -- one high school is flooded up to the second floor. And all these windows blown out!

I lived with hurricanes growing up. But NEVER was it this scary. Nor do I remember it ever seriously affecting our school lives. Hurricane Alicia is one of the "notable names" I remember.

Updated: I just looked it up. This was "only" Category 3. No wonder that it wasn't so bad! And the big "60s" hurricane that devastated Galveston that they always told us about (Carla) turns out to have been just a Cat 4, and it just about destroyed the island.

Mosquitoes will flourish -- Isn't this one of the places of the West Nile Virus?

Director of Homeland Securities expects casualties -- For whatever reason, these people did not evacuate. But the rescue workers are now going to have struggle with their decisions NOT to get there in time to save the ones calling for help. No decision we make is entirely outside of consequences for others :(



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