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Growing up So fast...

He doesn't want to be held to eat anymore. He wants to hold the bottle himself and certainly not with MOM. So independent.

And my heart sinks

But this is the same boy who crawled away from me earlier today, then looked back, and grinned, and turned around and crawled right into my arms!

And of course he continues to twist and turn in the midst of a diaper change. Now, though, the same boy who used to just twist and turn, can crawl. and he's started trying to lunge from a crawling position (to make up for the fact that it has curved sides I think) and while it is nice when he is lunging toward me, I fear for the day I miss his lunging and he goes right over the side.

So I could stop using the changing table -- but it is no easier on the floor where he wants to be anywhere but here.

Today I held him and he bit me. On the neck! He's got quite a few, well-sharpened, teeth, so this is no small thing. So I was quite sharp with him and then felt terrible when he got upset too! Does he understand what he did? I love his wide-mouth kisses... but I find myself flinching away because they become nips in sensitive places way too often.

And yet, he patted me on the back tonight when I started to cry after he bit me. Kind of like I do when trying to get a burp out of him. It felt like he was trying to apologize.


Blogger Kate said...

The second time my year-old son bit me on the ankle (no kidding!), I picked him up in a hurry and "popped" him on the diaper. I am certain it didn't hurt (it was 1981 and the disposables were very thick back then), but it sure did hurt his feelings. He never bit again, and had less than a dozen childhood spankings after that first experience.

Today he is a very godly man who is pastoring his first church.

Best Wishes for a happy and safe childhood with your little one.

3:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It sure is bittersweet when they grow up and you don't have your tiny babies to hold and cuddle anymore. However, so far, my nine and twelve year old sons have developed into such great company! I homeschool them and just can't imagine letting anyone else spend all that quality school time with them! It is always fun to look back, but always fun to look ahead to what is next. On one hand, I wish they would have stayed small but then that would have meant developmental delays which would be heartbreaking if any were permanent and I would be missing out on what great fun they are now. They both have such great sense of humor and to see them grow into Godly men is an honor. Each stage is precious and even when they toddle away, they always come back!

12:15 PM  

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