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Fox journalists released -- after converting to Islam

When I first read about the journalists being released, I was ecstatic they were released. Sure, they lied to their captors. But who cared, these were terrorists!

But then I was caught up by what I had thought. What they lied about -- their faith. That's important. That's so important we get told about Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abendego who refused to bow and were protected about God. But the fellows who followed their government, are just background figures. we praise the martyrs of the early age because they died for what they believed. Indeed, part of the reason Christianity spread like it did is because of the blood spilled on its behalf. We use it in our apologetic -- these early Christians DIED for their beliefs. A sane person will not die for a lie. Couldn't they have as easily said "The romans should not be persecuting us. what does it matter if we lie to them? It doesn't change what we believe" -- thing is, in the long run, it has mattered throughout time that they were open.

It's still going on today in China, and even some Muslim countries. Christians suffering the consequences for their faith rather than pretending someone other than God is God.

Of course, it is possible the journalists were not Christian. Perhaps they had no faith at all -- or at least no faith strong enough to realize what they were doing. All they cared about was their own skin and getting back to their families.

Of course, as was pointed out over at Searchlight crusade -- in Islam the penalty for apostasy is death. If these guys were lying, they better not ever go back to Muslim countries. Maybe, though, this experiment will open them up to looking more into things of spiritual, and finding a true relationship with Christ, with someone who is worth dying for.

Of course, all of this pondering also makes me realize that if it were my husband over there, I'd be a widow now. And that doesn't exactly give me warm fuzzies either. In many ways, pondering the death of my loved ones, especially my husband, is much worse than the idea that I might die.

La Shawn Barber's take on the matter.


Blogger Jack's Shack said...

I think that it was more important for them to save their lives. Period, end of story.

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