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Chris and Jenni had a fire

Chris and Jenni � We had a fire�

A week ago, Tuesday July 4th, I lay in bed, listening to the fireworks outside and unable to get to sleep as I worried about the 4 houses that had burned that day and what I would do if a rocket landed on our apartment. Started to wonder if we should get a fire ladder so we have a second way out if the stairway to the door is blocked by fire. Wondered if I should take time to get dressed or just leave. wonder what I would do if we had a child when the house caught on fire -- or more than one child. Pretty much stayed awake terrified of fire until I was so exhausted I fell to sleep.

Then at class Monday night I found out one of the four houses that burned was two doors down from our teacher's house.

And yesterday I came home from cooking at our Sunday School teachers' house to find that my friends, Chris and Jenni from my blog list to the right, have been burned out of their home!

They have only barely been able to determine what is salvageable. They will probably need quite a bit of clothes because the childrens' bedroom is gone and the parents I suspect is very smoke-damaged. Right now, they are looking for a place to rent in Burlington that is under $750 a month.

But until we find out more -- prayers are desired. All of the children are safe and they are staying with their relatives in the area. But a fire is a traumatic thing.


Blogger Sprittibee said...

How awful. I worried about that while we were away over the 4th. I'll pray for your friends.

9:37 PM  
Blogger Jenni said...

Thank you, I appreciate your post and all the prayers that have been spoken on our behalf. We are still recovering but are doing much better now. Bless you!

3:38 PM  

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