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Puget Sound Worldview Conference

A pointer from Spunky Homeschool to Rare Jewel magazine -- and their worldview conferences, has reminded me of this annual thing my church has been part of.
Antioch Bible Church is partnering with Crossroad Bible Church and imagio Dei Institute to hold the 4th Annual Worldview Conference -- I've been every year and these things are VERY good. AND quite affordable. $15/student, $25/adult, max $85/family. It is April 21 and 22 this year. So if anyone's interested, keep checking that link. (or contact me and I'll get the information to you personally) I'm sure they will have a sign up sheet up soon. (It appears they have the link up already but for some reason it's not working) Two of the speakers they mention Gary Habermas and Doug Geivett, I've heard before. Gary Habermas is an expert in the resurrection of Jesus, and why is so important. Mr. Geivett is a professor in philosophy. He deals in more practical everyday topics, as well as philosophical points. I can remember in particular a couple of years back he tackled the "What about those who aren't alive when they get a particular missionary to their village" topic.

I am saddened to see Mr. Caner is not back. 1. He was loud and bold about his faith, not spooking because people don't agree. 2. Coming from a Muslim background, he's got a great view on the way they actually think.

You get to hear all of the speakers in the general session, and in between you choose a smaller session to go to on one of a variety of topics. Then at the end, they have a question and answer period when you can ask the speakers questions. There is lots of material for sale at tables from various groups, including the speakers' own works and, if that is not enough for you, you can order the speeches themselves so you can get those smaller sessions you missed, etc.


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