A Dollop of Sour Cream

I'm not much into spicy food. I have recently discovered that if a meal is just a tad too spicy for me, I can put sour cream on top and make it not just palatable, but wonderful. This blog is devoted to doing the same for life.



What kind of Christian am I?

Thanks to Blest With Sons, I took this quiz.

The results are interesting.
Top is predictable: Caregivers draw near to God through caring for and serving others.

The others... not so much: Intellectuals draw near to God through their minds. -- ...maybe. I don't feel very intellectual at all. I'm a LOT more likely to respond to my heart than my head.

Ascetics draw near to God through solitude and simplicity. -- Anyone who sees my house knows the last thing I'm about is solitude or simplicity.


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