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New Carpet in!

The new carpet is in (and most of the furniture moved back into place. It's so peaceful now -- I am not sure I want to move anything else out. I like how it looks now! In fact, part of me is beginning to wonder if I still want to move! I could live like this -- and not have to pay more for rent every month... OTOH Then I wouldn't have more space either...)

Here is what the new Carpet looks like:

It FEELS different too. (also, there is a strange smell. It's bothering my Boaz and so when they come back to put new carpet in the bedroom we may end up sleeping out of the room the first night. He's got a highly refined sense of smell and I'd hate to give him a headache by sleeping in it! It was noticeably better this morning.

That one alcove is perfect for the one Bookshelf we allowed ourselves to keep.


(Any idea how I can put these pictures behind a link so that you don't see them unless you want to?)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Each of your pictures has an address on it. So right click on your picture, and go to properties. There should be an address. For example, your last picture's address is http://www.eskimo.com/~sarah/Photos/ToriaWens/newcarpet_livingRoom.jpg. To make this into a link, type [a href="http://www.eskimo.com/~sarah/Photos/ToriaWens/newcarpet_livingRoom.jpg"]Living room[/a]

*note: replace all the [ and ] with < and >!

11:21 AM  
Blogger sugeeandersyn said...

That is some nice carpet! don't link the pics, i like them like that :) too lazy to click :)

12:13 AM  

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