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Cookie Suggestions needed please

Last year, with my mother-in-law, we made assortments of cookies to pass out to folk.

Mother-in-law moved to Arizona this year.

So I need suggestions for cookies that I can make up in dough form now and then take out to bake in early December. So that I can make the same assortment myself while working all day and going to class, etc.

Ideas so far for the cookie assortment:
Better Homes & Garden sugar cookies with the wonderful icing I have to find the recipe for
Jubilee Jumbles
Gingersnaps (have to find a recipe)
Snickerdoodles perhaps?


Anonymous retire05 said...

Oh, girl, do I have some great cookies for you, They can be blended in a food processor and but into a bowl and stuffed in the refrigerator or the freezer until you net them.
Tell me what you want;
cherry nut slices;
chocolate crinkles;
three layer cherry coconut bars;
Gingerbread or if it have the cutters then cookies;
Snow balls, yummmmm.
Just give me your list and I will post them for you tomorrow. Deal?

9:55 PM  

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