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Friday -- doctor's news

Finally, on Friday I went back to the eye doctor to see the results of a battery of visual tests I've had lately. And the verdict is -- glaucoma. Yes, I'm younger than they usually see it in. Yes, my eyes aren't showing any high ocular pressure... but there is something called low pressure glaucoma and that is what they think I have.

This is one of those "You put eyedrops in your eyes for the rest of your life" kind of diseases. Thankfully, they CAN retard the progress of the disease this way. While glaucoma is not curable, and current vision can not be restored, they can keep the vision from being any further retarded in a variety of manners. I do not, myself, see any loss of vision. So it hasn't affected me yet, it was caught quicker than that. And they are starting me off with medication that only has to be taken once a day (not three times as some of them have) So things could be MUCH worse.

But this is still really scary because I LOVE to read and play on the computer, etc and it seems most everything I really enjoy involves seeing in one way or another -- so going blind has always seemed the worst thing.

Oh and I forgot to ask the doctor if this medication is going to harm babies inside me when I get pregnant.


Blogger Chord of Three Strands said...

That is great that they found ut before it affected your visiona dn that once a day drops will keep it from getting worse. Are you also on oral meds?

ryc-- Hey, I had permission and approval for my expendatures... it fit in the allotted budget...... I can stop anytime I want to!


9:31 AM  
Blogger My Boaz's Ruth said...

Nope. No oral meds (at least yet) Evidently drops is the 1st line of attack on glaucoma. (And we don't know yet if these drops are working. They are just the first try.)

ANd yes, I know it fit into the budget. :) Very good of you (and ONLY spending $100 a kid on homeschooling material? As I understand, that is very thrifty of you!)

9:37 AM  
Blogger MamaK said...

Yes, I'm impressed at your (lack of) spending as well! My first few years of HS I spent hundreds (I should honestly say close to a thousand) of dollars a year, thinking I needed everything. I didn't, and I"ve given away so much since then. We're much more frugal and focused now!

1:03 PM  

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