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Timelines and a link

This sounds interesting -- making a timeline as you go along, plugging in information you learn. (Probably esp. so because I just made a timeline of church history for my church history class -- though in that case I used Excel and was very precise as to where to place dots. It never occurred to me NOT to date every dot!) AND the timeline from Adam to Joseph that my husband and I did after what we recently studied and things we "discovered" along the way. (I mean, I knew these people overlapped. I can remember fairly clearly doing the Flood in Vacation Bible School at Berean Baptist Church when I was in the -- 8th grade I think. Maybe 7th. And they had a model of the ark, (and, incidentally, answered some of those questions like how did all the animals fit in the ark.) and a timeline that showed how all of these patriarchs' lives overlapped so much.

But still, until last week, it never occurred to me that this meant these people could learn about Creation, the fall, and even God from very near to the source. Because Adam was still alive to tell them! In those days, verbal history did not have the same problems over these spans of time that we have now, because there were many fewer "Links" in their chain.

Esp. I like the idea of creating a personal timeline, putting events on it that I don't want to forget. (I used to know the exact day I was saved. I've forgotten that though I'm pretty sure its in October. 1979? Maybe. Has to be after the Thief in the Night movies came out, probably well after. When I find somewhere I wrote it down I'll certainly save it!)


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